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Episode 1 [Pilot]: The Day Room at .45's




Episode 1 [Pilot]: The Day Room at .45's


behind the scenes during construction and filming


What is Firehouse Overhual?


After nearly 9 years of building the most successful T-Shirt Club for fire enthusiasts, we've solidified our place as the original t-shirt club that features authentic t-shirts from real fire stations as well as the t-shirt club that gives the most back to the men and women that we represent each month. In fact, over $100,000

has gone back to fire stations since 2011 in the way of donations. This year we're raising the bar considerably.


In the Spring of 2020, Firehouse Shirt Club will be adding a new t-shirt

to the wardrobe and we like to call it "Firehouse Overhaul".

Thanks to the support of our dedicated subscribers will we continue to give back every month to the stations we feature, but this year we're going bigger. A lot bigger.


We are incredibly proud and honored to announce that the first Firehouse Overhaul will be at Station 45 in Houston, Texas. Our team as well as several other firemen and local businesses who have offered to dedicate their time and resources will be in Houston this Spring to Overhaul Station 45 for our fellow brothers and sisters. To say we're excited to be working on this great station is an understatement.

Do us all a favor and follow us on various social media platforms as we

push content and perform our first Firehouse Overhaul.

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March 5th, 2020

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Firefighters Chip in on Houston Station Renovation

The Houston Fire Department's Station 45 recently received a much-needed makeover thanks to firefighters from across the country.

HOUSTON – A Houston fire station received an upgrade thanks to other firefighters from around the globe answering the call to help. Firehouse Shirt Club led a head-to-toe renovation of Houston Station 45’s living area, or dayroom, as firefighters call it, to recognize and reward the brave, hard-working men and women who work there.

“Firefighters dedicate their lives to the service of others, and now it’s our turn to serve them,” said Jim Scano, a former Dallas firefighter turned founder of the Firehouse Shirt Club, a monthly firehouse t-shirt subscription service, that features shirts designed exclusively by firefighters. To date, the t-shirt company has featured more than 100 original firehouse shirts and returned over $100,000 to participating stations.

“Morale has been at an all-time low and this makeover is going to be a much-needed boost for our men and women,” said Capt. Tommy Lummus, a 24-year Houston Fire Department veteran who calls Station 45 his second home. The station, which was built over 40 years ago, hasn’t been remodeled since, he said. “Typically, the day room is where firefighters hang out, but ours is so outdated and boring, most of us don’t even go in there.”

Like other stations around the country, Station 45 houses firefighter crews who work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “Firefighters live at a firehouse a third of their lives, so we want to help make their living space as comfortable as possible,” said Scano. “With the help of several local businesses and some firefighter volunteers, we will work together to transform this outdated dayroom into a modern living space that firefighters can enjoy for years to come.”

photo mar 04, 5 55 25 pm.jpg

After 9 years of donating money to participating stations, Firehouse Shirt Club decided to launch Firehouse Overhaul to make an even bigger impact. “It’s easy to write a check,” said Scano. “But it is a lot more enjoyable to put our hands into the station and make a difference that we can see with our own eyes.”

The renovation, which was expected to take four days, includes new stadium seating, a giant flat-screen television, fresh carpet and paint, as well as a new ceiling and numerous other updates. There will also be a special tribute honoring Houston’s fallen firefighters on the wall.

“We’ve had other people say they are going to do stuff for us for years, but the Firehouse Shirt Club is the first group to step up and do something,” said Captain Lummus. Firehouse Shirt Club hopes this will be the first station renovation of many around the country.

If you are interested in having the Firehouse Overhaul visit a station in your city, visit:

For more information contact Firehouse Shirt Club founder Jim Scano at or 469-301-1971.


About Firehouse Shirt Club

Founded by a Dallas-area firefighter in 2011, Firehouse Shirt Club allows firefighters to get their hands on special-edition, authentic t-shirts from other fire stations from around the world through a monthly subscription service. The t-shirts are designed exclusively by the men and women from the stations they represent. To date, Firehouse Shirt Club has created more than 100 shirts and returned over $100,000 to the fire stations that have made this possible. Visit



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- Old Gregg

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"It may not be as fancy as being president, but it's my duty, and it's a big duty."

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"I have nothing funny to say" 


- Luke Dixon


   "My team and I are excited to kick-start a new adventure with you this spring.  As the owner and operator of Firehouse Shirt ClubTM, the original shirt subscription for firefighters and enthusiasts since 2011, I wanted our followers to see their contribution live up to its full potential.  Currently, every member receives a shirt from a fire station from around the world every month, and in return Firehouse Shirt Club donates back to that station in numerous ways, Now, we are over 100 fire stations featured and past $100,000 in donations!  After meeting many crews through this company and working in the fire service, I knew there was something bigger, beyond our monthly donations. 


   Firehouse OverhaulTM is that something. We will not only be turning our growing membership into a donation for each month's participating fire station, but also into a direct fund to restore fire stations in need.  The fire service is growing old, we want to keep that history and revive houses that have been hit hard in the pocket book.  Whether it be a natural disaster, a community in need, or just old age - the firefighters come and go, but their quarters stay put without the funds to maintain simple needs.


   This spring, we will take a small step into our big plan by overhauling the day room of Houston Fire Station #45. The day room is a sacred place of comradery, laughter, and "regeneration".  The City of Houston and the Houston Fire Department have had it's share of recent struggles; we want to help the men and women on the front-line.  It will be a small gesture with help from local companies, volunteers, some of our good friends, and of course, our followers." 


Jim Signature2.png

Jim Scano

Firehouse OverhaulTM Team Lead

Former Dallas Firefighter

Firehouse Shirt Club Founder



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